Group Fun Pack

For a limited time only we're offering our new Group Fun Pack! What's included? 3 hours of Skating1, Bouncing, Pirate's Cove, and Laser Tag for up to five guests. Plus a 16" cheese/pepperoni pizza and 64oz pitcher of soda. That sounds awesome! How much? This limited time deal is only $49.95! Even awesomer! When is it available? The Group Fun Pack is available Monday-Thursday after 4PM. Is this really a good deal? How much am I saving? This is an AMAZING deal! By purchasing this pack you'd be saving $21, so you're essentially only paying about $5.80 per guest or getting a free pizza and soda, however you prefer to think about it.
1 Equipment rentals costs separate. Guests are encouraged to bring their own from home!


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GRAVITY COURSE - closed for the summer season
Don't look down!

Come prove you're the bravest of the bunch by traversing the 10 obstacles of our Gravity Course! Obstacles too easy? Try the Sky Rail. No matter what, our Gravity Course will leave you with a thrill you'll never forget. Oh and be sure to wave to those in the arcade below.

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