Birthday Party FAQs

No, you do not need a reservation to bring cake/cupcakes. NO OTHER OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED.

We will reserve you enough table space for the paying guests. We cannot always guarantee extra seating for parents (especially on Saturdays).

We do not allow outside food/drinks. We do allow birthday cake or cupcakes (candles are allowed). We provide drinks & ice cream for each paid guest in your party.

Most things will be included in your birthday plan but if there are things that you would like to add then no problem. The most common things that people add to their plans are pizza, rollerblades/scooters, and extra tokens. Your party hostess can just add them to your bill that will be paid at the end of your party.

We will provide a table cloth, place settings for each paid guest, a bouquet of balloons (4), and a giant birthday card with the birthday child's name on it. If you would like to bring anything more than that please feel free to. WE DO NOT ALLOW confetti, silly string or piƱatas of any kind.

Our themed rooms are an upgrade. Depending on which party plan you choose will depend on the duration in the room and the price. 2 hour party = $20 for 2 hours in room, 3 hour party = $30 for 3 hours in room. You are required to be in the room for the same duration as your party. If you would like to extend your room time it will cost and extra $10/hr. Your birthday party will end on time though. There is not an extension option on our party plans.

Showing up early is not necessary but it is also not frowned upon. Please no more than 15 minutes early. We will have everything set up and ready before your arrival. Guests that show up early will be shown to your table/room and are welcome to wait for the rest of party to arrive.

Unfortunately no. You can choose to have Skating as an activity in your party plan or pay $3 extra per person to skate.

We prefer not to deal with that. 100% of your bill is due at the end of your party.

We check in all parties and their guests at the front window (M-F) and through our party entrance (Saturday). We like to get an accurate guest list for the person in charge of paying for the party to look at whenever they want to.

We only ask a few simple questions to get your reservation set. We need to know the day/date, time, table/room, contact info, birthday child(rens) name(s), estimated guest headcount (not including spectators), and of course which party package you are interested in doing.